Sunday, December 6, 2015

2015 Family Travels via the Christmas Tree

Our 2015 Christmas Tree is up.  It has taken a week to complete
due to our schedules and my health since Thanksgiving.
I have seen some beautifully decorated trees by friends on Facebook this season,
including a tree of all new crocheted whimsical characters.
Our Christmas tree is decorated with "memories."  Ornaments from travels, handcrafted by family and friends, and gifts -- all collected during our 45 years of marriage.
My blog post today is a summary of our 2015 travels on the tree,
 beginning with our spring break travels to Germany, Austria and Switzerland
Top: Hand painted Edelweiss Flower ornament purchased in Austria.
Below: Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

The next two are from the small country of Liechtenstein.

Below: Heidi from the Swiss Alps
In June we traveled with Glenn to San Antonio, TX for a meeting.
Below: The Alamo
This summer we took grandson, Peyton, on his first trip to
Philadelphia and New York City.
Bellow: The Liberty Bell
Fun memories of New York.

Below: ASnowman and a teapot shaped ornament from our fall break trip to Ireland.  

Our Christmas tree decorated in many memories.


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