Monday, December 21, 2015

Secret Santa Gift Teas

 The folks in Glenn's office participated in a Secret Santa 
again this year.  Most of us know how this works.  
Participants "secretly" give two small gifts over two weeks, 
then usually have a get-together to present the final gift and reveal the Secret Santas. 
Apparently, word has made it around that Glenn only drinks decaf teas. 
His final gift this year was 3 teas/herbal infusions from Montea in Lexington.  
Cranberry Fruit, Coconut Almond Rooibos, and Snowlicious Rooibos. 

 I brewed a cup of the Snowlicious Rooibos.  
There is no description for Snowlicious on Montea's website, so I went
to Elmwood Inn Fine Teas website, the supplier for Montea. 
I found nothing similar to Snowlicious Rooibos.  
I am totally guessing here --
I think it's a combination of Lemon Rooibos 
and Hibiscus Flowers.  
Now, I may be incorrect because I am not a 
connoisseur of herbal infusions.  I'm going by the appearance of both on the websites.
Strictly my opinion: The brewed infusion gave me a small aroma of
what I would expect "Snowlicious" to be.
But, (also in my opinion) it looks pretty in my Kathe Wohlfahrt
Christmas mug I hand carried from Germany.



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