Tuesday, January 26, 2016

English Milk Jugs and Sugar Bowls

I have collected several small English Bone China Cream and Sugar Sets
over the last several years.  These are called Milk Jugs and Sugar Bowls in England.
Perhaps because milk is added to tea and not cream.
FYI - cream is too heavy for tea.  
The sugar bowls are no more than 3 inches in diameter and less than 2 inches tall. 
The creamers (or should I say milk jugs) are about 2.5 inches tall. 
They are various patterns and from different English potteries. 

You will recognize the Royal Patrician below from
the photo at the top of my blog.
I use these small sets when setting the table with different teacup and saucer trios.
Nothing matches, including the teapots, when setting the table this way.
However, all the pieces are pretty English Bone China.
The photo below is an example of my table setting for high school seniors.
I enjoy setting the tea table in this simple, but pretty way.


Bernideen said...

Dear Linda:
I love them too. I have been collecting more of the smaller personal sized ones that are so sweet but like you I have the slightly bigger too! Yours are so lovely. Each pattern is special!

The Victorian Girl said...

Every time I see these in an antique store, I have to restrain myself from buying them! I love them and they're just so cute, but I just CANNOT start another collection! I said that about teacups and teapots too, but I finally gave in. With me there's no such thing as "I'll just get one"!!

Patsy said...

I think it is very true when you are cold tea will warm you.
Just holding the hot cup helps.
Lovely sets.

Marilyn Miller said...

What a beautiful collection. I don't usually put milk and sugar on the table because I want everyone to enjoy just the tea as it is. Then if they request it I will bring it out. I rarely have anyone request it after they have a taste of the tea.

Ruth W said...

Of course I love them! A think the individual sized ones are the cutest too!

relevanttealeaf said...

Love the beautiful patterns in your collection of bone china sugar and creamer sets. I only have a couple of the smaller sets.

Carrie said...

Hi Linda! What a pretty collection. I like how they are all slightly different shapes. I'm a big fan of mismatched china on a table. Except for my Christmas set, I don't have a matching set of bone china. I usually set out half and half at my parties...maybe next time I'll just add some heavy cream to my skim milk (my milk of choose) and set it out.

Angela McRae said...

I love the mix-and-match style of decorating for teatime. In fact, the very first tea room I ever remember going to (Crumpet Tea Room in Arkansas) had mismatched everything, and I thought that was what you were supposed to do!

Joy said...

How pretty! I enjoy the mix-and match settings, too. That way, I get to use many different pretty things. I'll have to look at home to see if I have any milk jugs of this type.

Burt Princeton said...

Pretty! You have a great taste in terms of collecting bone china sugar and creamer sets, it really suites to your simple and pretty personality.


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