Tuesday, February 9, 2016

How To Make Tea (Book)

The Art and Science Behind the Leaf
by Brian R. Keating and Kim Long
arrived from Amazon yesterday. 
 There are many illustrations, but no full-color photos in the 159-page book,
published in the UK in 2015.
This book is divided into six sections.
1. The Tea Plant
2. Tea Chemistry
3. Tea and Taste
4. Buying and Storing Tea
5.. The Basic Necessities
6. How to Make Tea
The "How To Make Tea" section includes directions and
illustrated details for the following:
Gongfu Cha Technique
Brewing English Tea
Brewing Indian Spiced Chai
Tea in Japan
Tea in North America

I just began reading this book last night
and I'm still in part one, The Tea Plant.
It may just be one of my favorite books on tea!  

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