Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Snow Day Scones

 Late Monday night Austin made himself Gluten Free toast with orange marmalade. 
We only had a smidgen of marmalade so he asked if he could use Lemon Curd.
He loved it, and I promised to make scones Tuesday morning.
The weather prediction was for another 3 to 5 inches of snow to fall during the night.
Yes, we had another snow day from school.  That makes six.
I baked gluten free scones using a Sticky Fingers GF mix. 
 Glenn was here too, because his flight to D.C. were cancelled two days in a row.
We all enjoyed gluten free scones with 
BelGioiso Mascarpone and Robertson's Lemon Curd.
The guys declared the Mascarpone to be as good as real clotted cream. 
 OK, it's been a few years since theu've tasted the real thing, but I agree the 
texture and taste is better than many fake concoctions we've been served. 
I recommend you try it.  
The Sticky Fingers GF scone mix is extremely easy to make
by adding a cup of cool water and 2 Tbsp. oil. 
These are drop scones.
Our favorite flavors are the Original, Meyer Lemon and Blueberry. 
 I ordered the mixes from Amazon for convenience.
The teacup trio is Royal Albert Bone China Flower of the Month Series
The tea is Harney and Sons Organic Breakfast
Looking for sunny days and warmer weather soon! 


racheld said...

WHat a grand start to a cold day! We're Orange Marmalade people, as well, for that's probably the only "store-bought" jam or jelly that I tasted before I had my own kitchen, for we put up all our own preserves and such. But marmalade is HARD for the home cook, unless you have a mandoline set at micro. I've always loved Tiptree's for the wonderful strong bitterish taste, but we've happened upon what we call "sissy marmalade" for its sweet, mild orange flavor---Crosse and Blackwell.

THe only Bel Gioioso product we've tried is the Gorgonzola. I'd thought all my life that I didn't like bleu cheese, but that kind is simply addictive. It's salty and rich, with not too much tang, and we keep half a dozen of the blue-foil triangles in the fridge, and I make bleu cheese dressing a quart at a time.

I seem to be all "hepped up" this morning---possibly two cups of Columbian Rich from the Keurig and getting a lively little visiting girl off to school with a lunchbox, backpack and little baggie with two Mini-Cinny rolls, fresh from the oven, for her breakfast at school.

Stay warm and well,

Beth said...

What a cozy way to spend a snow day! I actually kind of enjoy snow days...but I am ready for spring! I am going to try this GF scone mix. Sounds good and easy!
Hugs, Beth

Joy said...

That sounds like a delicious treat for a snow day - or any day! (especially the Lemon Curd - I do love that stuff.)

Two Cottages And Tea said...

Just perfect for a snow day! I have a scone mix in the cupboard I should make today! Your teacup trio is beautiful!

Angela McRae said...

Sounds like the perfect way to spend a snow day, and thanks for the mascarpone suggestion!

Marilyn Miller said...

Hoping you get some sunny days soon. They do lift the spirits. Lovely trio and the scones look delicious. I just recently tried the marscapone for a tea, but need to try again when I can just evaluate without the entertaining. Maybe tomorrow will be that day. I even have some lemon curd in the refrigerator.


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