Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Teapot Bedroom

 I posted photos of our "teapot" bedroom soon after the 2009
addition/renovations of our house,  This is an updated post due
to several questions after showing a glimpse of one of the quilts in recent posts. 
You can probably tell from the photo above why we named it the teapot bedroom. 
This large bedroom with two large closets was the master bedroom before 2009.
Now it is a guest bedroom furnished with Aunt Ida's mahogany beds and dresser
 made by my uncle Lester. The quilts are Pottery Barn Kids from several years ago.  
 Various items gathered from my mother, Aunt Ida and Aunt Mary are on the dresser. 
My dear friend Lynn had the doll on the right made from her grandmother's 
embroidered pillow case for me years ago. 
 The dressing table below was my Aunt Hazel's.
The hat was Mary's.  

 The adjoining bathroom is decorated with my tea for one sets. 

Don't you agree?  This is the the teapot bedroom. 


Latane Barton said...

Those teapot quilts really caught my eye, Linda. What a great idea. Of course, I no longer quilt but if I did.........hmmmm.

Joy said...

It is a wonderful teapot bedroom! I remember seeing a picture of it previously, it inspired me to look on ebay and I found one of those wonderful quilts at a reasonable price, and bought it. Not that I have a twin bed...but I still love the quilt. And what a cute way to display the tea for one sets. They are perfect in the bathroom of the teapot bedroom!

Two Cottages And Tea said...

Oh so perfect and cozy and even a lamp shade to match! Thank you for sharing!

The Victorian Girl said...

Your teapot bedroom is so cute! I made a teapot quilt and it hangs on the wall in my sewing/guest room. I call it the Redwork Room because I have lots of redwork pillows on the bed and even the valances are made of antique redwork pieces. For those not familiar with the term "redwork", it is a type of embroidery that is done with red embroidery thread on white or muslin fabric.

Elizabeth said...

I love your teapot bedroom! It is giving me some ideas on redoing my guest room which already holds dolls and teasets!

Bernideen said...

That is so sweet Linda and well identified!

my cup of tea said...

What a clever idea! The entire room is wonderful!

Beverly Kirk said...

YES YES YES my dear.... truly cute. I have the same "can't help myself" when I'll set a teacup setting in an obscure corner of my home as "decor". Love the bedroom beds

Marilyn Miller said...

Definitely gave that bedroom the right now. Very nice and so many memories wrapped into this room.

s. franks said...

The pictures brings back lovely memories of staying at your house and in this tea theme bedroom. Thanks for the memories and a wonderful time with you and your family.

Sending tea hugs your way.



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