Monday, March 7, 2016

Irish Breakfast Tea

 This morning I brewed a mug of Irish Weave
Irish Breakfast Tea.
I purchased this tea in Ireland and saved it for a special March cuppa. 
 The description from the tin of loose leaf tea:  
"Irish breakfast tea is a full bodied black tea. 
It compliments nicely the traditional 
Irish fried breakfast and is usually drunk hot
with milk and sugar to taste" 
"Irish Breakfast Tea is an invigorating blend of high-grown
teas from Assam and Darjeeling."
It is difficult to see with the lighting in the photos,
but the color of the brew and the leaves is a very
dark copper color.  
OK, for Angela @ Tea With Friends 
and others  who know I don't take anything
in my tea -- no milk and no sugar, this one
was too astringent for me. 
Yes, nearly "strong enough for a mouse to trot on."  
I didn't notice the Irish Breakfast tea in Ireland being
too astringent.  Perhaps drinking it while eating and
authentic Irish Breakfast really makes the difference.  
I need to return to Ireland to test that theory! 


Joy said...

Oh, yes, I think more research is needed!


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