Saturday, May 7, 2016

All of Kentucky Celebrates

This is the Derby section from the Lexington newspaper this morning. 
The entire state celebrates including our county located 2 hours from 
Churchill Downs in Lousiville (Loo a vull)

Lexington and Louisville TV coverage began early this morning
and will cover the entire day of races.  
I heard the facinators would be larger this year.  
What do you think about this one?


relevanttealeaf said...

I like it. What fun!

racheld said...


I've always loved the traditions and the old, wonderful recipes and silver cups and Benedictine sandwiches and hats and gloves---what a state heritage, honored and elegant, the torch carried on with the fervor and substance of a coronation. The royalty of the horses, their noble spirits and sleek selves, and all the colours flying in the sun, like a bloodless tournament with winners all.

We called the hats whimsies "in my day," and I had several little head garnishes. Then we heard they were "cocktail hats," as well. They've become sculpture as raiment, statement instead of shade, and I DO find them simply fascinating.

Have a fantabulous Derby Day!!


Joy said...

I always enjoy seeing the hats, large and small!

Angela McRae said...

Although I've never worn one (I'm too short to ever carry it off), I love the big old wide-brimmed hats with loads of flowers the best!


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