Thursday, May 19, 2016

Japanese Sister Region Visitors

We hosted the Japanese Sister City Delegation on Tuesday evening
for the opening dinner and casual welcome reception
at the Berea office of Delta Natural Gas Company. 
Years ago, we began hosting the event at our home and then Boone Tavern Hotel.
Everyone seems to enjoy this informal location.  

Kentuckians are scattered among the delegation  members for
casual conversation and gift-giving. 
Several of the delegation members brought photos and maps from home 

The leader of the delegation (above)
Austin (below) telling about his wonderful homestay experience
in Japan, which is a part of this program.

Catering By Ann has prepared the food for years.
As long as she brings her famous Sweet Potato biscuits with Kentucky Country Ham,
Glenn and Austin are happy.
It is always a fun event! The sister city/region exchange began in 1988.
The Japanese travel to Kentucky in the Spring and the
Madison County folks travel to Japan in the fall. 


Joy said...

Looks like a lovely event! Sweet potato biscuits and ham sounds wonderful, too.


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