Sunday, June 5, 2016

June Afternoon Tea at Boone Tavern

Boone Tavern Hotel hosted Afternoon Tea on Saturday, June 4th. 
Double click on the menu above to read it.
The tables were set with a vintage floral china which was used in the
hotel dining room in the 1990's.

Alexa's family, including her mother, sister and grandmother, and
our almost 91 year-old neighbor, Mrs. H
were the honored guests at Glenn's table for eight. 
 Glenn snapped a few photos of the guests.
Lee, Tiffany and Lizzie above.
I'm explaining a menu item to Mrs. H, below.

The teas included a delicious selection of Elmwood Inn Fine Teas,
Boone Tavern Blend
English Breakfast Decaffeinated
Lavender Earl Grey
Wild Strawberry Green Tea
Glenn's photo above shows a better view of the beautiful table.
The few photos I was able to take were the menu items.
I will post those soon.
My desktop went into the shop on Friday morning.
It must be trashed and replaced.
For now I'm working on tiny tiny touchscreen laptop
I received for my 65th birthday in March.
Believe me, it is difficult for this old tea lady to learn Windows 10
on this tiny laptop.


Steph said...

Just lovely!

relevanttealeaf said...

Boone Tavern's Afternoon Tea looks wonderful. I'm sure it was enjoyed by all. Another tea well done, Linda!

Rosemary said...

Looks like a lovely Afternoon Tea!

Marilyn Miller said...

This tea time looks oh so special. Thanks for sharing it. Good luck with computers. Never fun! I have been told that the next time there is a problem with my computer I will need to buy a new one. Not looking forward to that.

Miss Merry said...

What a lovely room and table. And you had the perfect table of guests to share company with for the tea. The china is beautiful and I would never be able to choose only one of those teas!

Joy said...

This looks like a wonderful occasion! I think I might have to try several of the tea varieties, although Lavender Earl Grey sounds delicious. I feel your pain about the tiny laptop and Windows 10. I have a regular sized laptop and still have trouble with it! But it looks like you're doing a great job.


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