Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Michigan Tea Travels

While I was traveling on the 5-night Michigan Tea Tour
(posts to come soon)
17 year-old Austin was in a musical production at the 
Berea Arena Theater (community theater).
It was the first performance I have ever missed, and, yes I shed a few
 tears when granddaughter Kaitlyn sent a video of his song from Chicago.
Unfortunately, I don't have the technology know-how to post it.
He also sang the John Prine song, "Let's Talk Dirty in Hawaiian" and played the ukulele 
I was told both were great and the audience loved him.  
I missed my family, and they all said they missed me,
or was it my cooking they missed?


Joy said...

I know you hated to miss Austin's performance, I'm so glad it was recorded for you.

Summer said...

Glad Austin's performance was recorded so you could enjoy it! Happy Tuesday ♥


Marilyn Miller said...

Ha! I am sure they missed you. It is hard to miss a family event, but I just know you had a wonderful adventure with tea.

relevanttealeaf said...

I'm certain Austin's performance was awesome! So glad Kaitlyn videoed it for you - the next best thing to being there.


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