Friday, September 23, 2016

Royal Park Hotel Afternoon Tea

The highlight of Thursday, September 15th in Rochester, MI
was afternoon tea at the Royal Park Hotel.
This afternoon tea venue is featured in Hoffman Media's  new book,
Taking Tea.
The tea hostess, Mary Kuhn, is explaining the tea choices. 
Our group began with three different pots of tea.
The photo above is almost funny with all the cameras.
Nancy and Linda P. are vegetarians. 
They were seated on both sides of me,  and the tea server below is for them. 
Notice the beautiful Shelley teacup. 
Everyone at the table had a different Shelley pattern.
How special is that?!?
My amazing gluten free afternoon tea is below. 
It is one of the most delicious GF teas I had since I began my GF journey.
The sandwiches were the same as listed on the menu, except on GF bread. 
My hot Hors d'Oeuvress course was bacon wrapped dates. 
Gluten free scones with cream and lemon curd
My dessert/sweets course was somewhat different from others 
and included a GF banana nut and blueberry muffin.
I believe everyone took a to-go box. 
I ate my blueberry muffin for breakfast the next morning.
What an easy simple way to label a pot of tea!
A label, made on a label maker and stuck on a ribbon (below)
I enjoy learning something new everyday.
The teapots were all different shapes and patterns.
Nancy, Gloria and I wanted an unflavored black tea. 
English Breakfast was our tea.

The hotel lobby below.
The atrium at the back of the hotel (below). 


Miss Merry said...

How glamorous!! And how wonderful to find a tea room that can accommodate special dietary needs so graciously! I am drooling over this tea trip. I dont suppose I can talk you into chartering a bus for all of us next time?

Joy said...

That does look wonderful, and I'm glad your GF selections were so good.

relevanttealeaf said...

I'm enjoying your posts about the tea tour [and borrowing some of your photos ;-)]. The Royal Park was definitely one of the highlights of the tour.

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

This was an elegant tea we attended and I'm glad I can see from the photos what your gluten free offerings were. It's nice we're sharing photos around too.
I'm behind with only blogging once a week. ;-)

Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest said...

What a fabulous tea trip - I soooooo wish I would have done this with you all - it wasn't that far from me here in Columbus, Ohio! ♥♥♥

One day I hope to meet you all in person. It's a dream for sure.

Marilyn Miller said...

The tea time looks so special. It looks like they definitely knew how to cater to each dietary need.

racheld said...


This is absolutely delightful!! You have the most interesting, beautiful adventures!

We had quite the adventuresome weekend, as well, in part thanks to your chronicling of your lovely trip to Rochester. Chris drew an emergency service call for a plant way up near Detroit, and since it was for Friday, I immediately checked the proximity and mileage on to Rochester. Alas, that was not to be, and it was such a sudden trip that I had no more time to do more research. We DID pass the Ann Arbor exit on the way, and I recalled wanting to go there and explore all the enchanting places with Fairy Doors.

He finished his work, we spent the night, and on Saturday a.m., we set out for Ann Arbor. Meantime, I'd texted Caro to check a map, and she instead found a charming town with a real FAIRY FLIGHT PATH, maps and all, and texted me a full-page map, which also happened to be the exact one handed to us by our hotel concierge, so off we went to Northville, exploring and enjoying and finding scads of the charming little doors all over town as we strolled the wonderful downtown. Delightful people, welcoming shopkeepers, enough magical places to fill a book, and at least THREE wedding parties taking photos in the parks and special spots.

We had SUCH a lovely visit, including finding a superb chef right in our own hotel, and had one of the most enjoyable meals of all our travels. Just a bit of serendipity that simply expanded into a fabulous unexpected whole weekend of fun and enchantment and marvelous food.

Thank you for starting the ball rolling on this surprising adventure of our own.


Teresa said...

Thank you for posting photos of your tea. From the other end of the table, I wasn't able to see how wonderful the special diet teas actually were. I wish this were closer to me, because I'm ready for a return trip.
Sips and Smiles,


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