Monday, October 24, 2016

Busy Homecoming Week

Austin didn't feel well during the play last weekend, and was
diagnosed with pneumonia after seeing the doctor late Monday.
What a busy week to be sick! 
Above: Austin and Teresa Kidwell, both seniors at BCHS, were sponsored
by the Junior Class as candidates for the Homecoming King and Queen.
All candidates are seniors, but are sponsored by different classes. 
Wednesday: Interview by three outside judges
Thursday: Morning -  interviews in front of the high school students
Afternoon - parade
Friday night:  Football game introduction and crowning
Saturday:  Dance
(and what a bummer, the ACT in the morning)
Austin and Teresa at the school assembly Thursday,
his first day at school after being diagnosed.
I was Austin's escort at the football game half-time crowning
We came home and out of the cold, damp night air,
immediately after Katie and Sam were crowned Queen and King.
All the kids in the senior class are the best of friends,
most of them have attended kindergarten through 12th grades together.  
Alexa and Austin ready for the dance, Saturday night.
He bounced back after the pneumonia. 


Latane Barton said...

Congrats to Austin. And, what a terrible time to have pneumonia... if there ever is a good time!! Hope things are going well with you now.

Summer said...

Glad Austin is feeling better☺ Nice photos ♥

Joy said...

Oh, my, Austin surely did not have time to be sick. Congrats on his being on the Homecoming Court, and I hope he has had a little time to rest over the weekend!

Patsy said...

They are so cute and this is the best
of youth.

Marilyn Miller said...

What special memories!

relevanttealeaf said...

Wonderful pics of a wonderful time in Austin's life. So glad he's feeling better.


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