Monday, October 31, 2016

Missing the Serenity of Afternoon Tea

Another busy family weekend.
Melissa, Tim and Peyton came for a quick visit on Friday with lunch at Boone Tavern.
More about in a later post ---
Friday night was the annual FBLA chili fund raiser at the football game.
My gluten free chili is in the red crock pot on the left below.
There was not a drop of it left after half-time. (nobody knew it was GF) 
 It was also senior night for the football team, cheerleaders and band.
I don't have photos from the half-time ceremonies,
since Glenn and I both escorted Austin onto the field.
I drove to Frankfort on Saturday morning for a DAR State Board Meeting

In the meantime, Austin had his senior photos made Saturday morning,
and later attended Glenn's company family outing with Kaitlyn.
Afterwards, they picked up Alexa in Somerset to stay overnight with us and all day Sunday.
Below: lunch at PF Chang's after church. 
I love my family and all our fun activities, but I sure
do miss the time for the serenity of Afternoon Tea.
 In the meantime, I'll sip on my cup of Harney's Queen Catherine Tea
as I sit at the computer, with just the cat and me at home.
Hmm... serenity is wherever you find it!


Summer said...

Wonderful photos☺ The table looks nice ♥

Joy B said...

A busy time for your family for sure - but a time to treasure! Enjoy your moments of serenity when you can find them!

Marilyn Miller said...

That last statement is soooo true. Loved seeing glimpses of your active weekend.

Angela McRae said...

At least you have a good attitude about all of the busyness. One thing's for sure, it is NEVER dull around your house! :)


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