Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Our Evening Entertainment

 So what do a bunch of tea ladies do after dinner at The Grand Hotel?  
We went on a "Room Crawl."  I'm not sure who suggested it, but our
five rooms were on the first through the fourth floors, so it was 
a great way to have fun and walk for a little exercise after a big dinner and dessert.
Above:  Teresa and her "Night Tea Night" gown.  Her roommate was Lori.    

Joanie is above. Linda P. was her roommate
 All the rooms were similar, but different and very pretty
Below: The 4th floor room of Nancy and me.


Joy said...

What lovely rooms! The "room crawl" idea is a good one, so you can see some other rooms besides yours.

Miss Merry said...

What adorable rooms! I would love to see the entire Grand Hotel!!!

Angela McRae said...

The rooms are beautiful, and I love the tea shirt. Perfect!

Teresa said...

It was so fun to see all the differently decorated rooms. Your pictures are wonderful.
Sips and Smiles,

Marilyn Miller said...

Now that sounds like alot of fun!


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