Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Halloween Fun

Fun was the name of the game last night at our house
with the ghosts and goblins who came to the door for Trick or Treat.  
Below: Kaitlyn and her mom, our daughter #2.


Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest said...

Cute! We had a fun Pumpkin Carving over the weekend I posted about, too.

Isn't it hard to believe it is already November? And it is in the high 70s right now.

Golly when I was younger I cannot tell you how many football games there was SNOW - this is weird to be so warm. The plants and birds don't know what to do!

Have a wonderful November, Linda! : - )

Summer said...

Looking so fun and cute ♥

racheld said...

And FUN it was~~we had many a Minnie at our porch, as well, and enough hockey masks to get up a game in the driveway. What an evening---simply perfect, with a beautiful sunset, and great sunshine on the lawn for the longest time, as the littles and BIGS made their way up the drive in all their costumes.

We had our own couple of Witches on the porch, as well as our Princess Leia and her protector, Ganner, as the most credible Obi Wan Kenobi outside the First movie. Countless folks remarked on his resemblance to the "real one," as he and she made their way around the neighborhood---we could see them all down the blocks, waving their blue sabers, and then they came back for candy-duty on the porch.

We closed down when the candy ran out, and came back in for little ham sliders right out of the oven and several dips and spreads and fruit. The counts on the candy bags equalled 640, and we gave out two each, so we had a CROWD. Fun evening.


Marilyn Miller said...

How fun to have trick or treaters come to your house. No one comes to our house anymore. Loved seeing Kaitlyn with your daughter #2. Kaitlyn is certainly growing up.

Angela McRae said...

Watching your Kaitlyn grow up so quickly is making me feel old! (Well, my back is too, but that's another story.)


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