Thursday, January 21, 2016

Storing Teacup Trios and More

Finally, I put away the rest of my December teacups.

During my first trip to England in 1995, I observed ladies in
England storing their teacups this way.
I don't like stacking teacups, so this is a good  alternative. 
But, due to lack of space, I have to stack a few  teacups (below).  
This is a rare glimpse into the bottom of my small corner cabinet
where some of my teacup and saucer trios are stored.  
I have four more hutches and china cabinets with doors
and shelves on the bottom for storage,
but I hope you don't expect a tour of those! 

This china cabinet was made by Eugene and Patrick McMahan
of Campbellsville, KY.  I previously blogged about this special

Most of my "shamrock" patterns are stored on the bottom
two shelves along with a few pieces of Shelley. 
The top shelf holds special tea sets Glenn brought from business trips
to Armenia and Moscow.  
Also, Aunt Ida's chocolate set is on the top shelf.  
I rearrange all my sets of dishes and teapots from time to time. 
Do you? 

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