Monday, February 15, 2016

Organic Earl Grey Tea

My afternoon cup of tea on Sunday: 
 Organic hand-picked black teas from India,  scented with natural oil of Bergamot, 
selected, blended and created by Harney and Sons Fine Teas
From the label on the tin: 
"By choosing this Fair Trade product you are directly supporting 
a better life for farming families through fair pries, direct trade, community 
development, and environmental stewardship."
Most of my long-time readers know I don't drink very many scented 
and flavored teas, especially floral teas and tisanes (herbal blends).  
This Harney and Sons Organic Earl Grey,
in my opinion, is lightly scented and smooth tasting. 
From Wikipedia: 
"A Bergamot is a fragrant fruit the size of an orange, with a yellow color
similar to a lemon.  It is inedible but extracts have been used to scent food, 
perfumes and cosmetics."
  More than 80% of the world's Bergamot is grown in southern coastal Italy. 
The essence from the skin of the Bergamot is used to flavor Earl Grey
and Lady Grey teas. 

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