Thursday, February 25, 2016

Ready for Spring

My cup of tea this morning is Harney and Sons Organic Assam Tea
in a pretty pansy Gracie Bone China mug, while sitting on the
sunporch overlooking our side yard (with the covered pool)
and the neighbor's back yard. The pansies on the mug are the only
ones I've seen.  We had a few snow flakes last night and this morning
with high winds the last few days.

From the Harney and Sons Website:
"Assam is India's largest producer of tea, and the broad flood plains make for some
 of the most fertile tea estates in the world.
In the 1820s Assam was a jungle, and it was there that the
Bruce brothers found a different type of tea plant. T
his variety of tea brews a brisk drink that works well with milk and sugar."

Yesterday, my hairdresser gave me
a "new" haircut of my "old" familiar style. .
I had short hair for 40 years.  After trying a longer style
during the last 1 1/2 years I am back to the "old" look. 


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