Wednesday, March 30, 2016

My New Gluten Free Blog

As result of my passion for all things "tea", especially the ceremony of Afternoon Tea
and because my health required me to begin eating Gluten Free in 2013,
I started a new blog at  Afternoon Tea Gluten Free
I hope to share about my Afternoon Tea experiences since going Gluten Free.
It has been a challenge to find Gluten Free Afternoon Tea venues.
I've said many times, "Gluten Free and Afternoon Tea don't go hand-in-hand".
The menu for Afternoon Tea usually includes finger sandwiches, scones, and tiny cakes.
Those are normally prepared using wheat flout.
It takes time and planning to prepare those items Gluten Free.
I've learned many lessons along the way.
I want to share some of those lessons, especially shortcuts, to make
Afternoon Tea a treat for Gluten Free readers.    
The above photo of Sticky Fingers Gluten Free Scones Mix is from my 3rd blog post
 I make these scones for tea time for convenience and the good taste! 


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