Friday, April 22, 2016

American Glass - Sandwich Pattern

For several years I have collected Indiana Glass, Clear Sandwich pattern
Depression glass  and have posted about various pieces in my collection.   
I began the collection because I liked the clear glass luncheon plates to
use with various patterns of English Bone China teacups at tea time.  
As time passed, and I began to find more pieces, my collection began to include
cups, saucers, sugars, creamers, dinner plates, side dishes and more. 
To be honest, I am nearly out of storage space. 
This glassware was made 1925 - 1985 and was named for the "authentic" 
Sandwich Glass made around Sandwich, MA.
These are a belated birthday gift from Mary. 
The beautiful plate in the top photo is 13 inches in diameter and very heavy. 
The bowl, below is 12 inches in diameter.  
 I just love the two pieces, either together or separate.    

There are four major makers of Sandwich pattern: Anchor Hocking Glass Co., 
Duncan & Miller Glass Co., Indiana Glass Co., and Westmoreland Glass Co.
I have glassware by each of the above manufacturers, but I haven't yet closely examined
these beautiful pieces to determine which they are. 

My question today: 
Do any of you collect American-made Glass patterns?  
I have a few pieces of various patterns of Depression glass and Carnival glass
from my grandmother and Aunt Mary, 
but not enough, in my opinion,  to call them a "collection." 


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