Monday, May 16, 2016

A Vintage Sadler Teapot

 So, this is the story: 
I stood at the kitchen sink hand washing four
teacup trios (teacups, saucers and dessert plates) and
my beautiful English James Kent teapot as I prepared for guests.
The phone rang and it was my good friend Mary calling.
We chatted, I washed.
When suddenly, whack! I accidently hit the stone counter top
with the end of the spout and broke a good half inch off! 
No tears on my part, but it sent me directly to eBay to see if it could be replaced,
knowing it would take a miracle to find the exact replica. 
To make a long story short and four teapots later,
I didn't find another James Kent.
These are photos of my non-Kent "replacement teapot #1."
I purchased this English Sadler in a pretty pansy pattern.
 I am very pleased with this reasonably-priced find. 
Sadler teapots are among my favorite English-made vintage collectibles.
Yes, I said this is #1 of four non-James Kent replacement teapots,
along with several more items purchased. 
I'll be staying off eBay for a while.
In the meantime, I'll share photos of my other "pretties" soon. 

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