Sunday, May 29, 2016

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day is a day honoring American soldiers
who died serving the country in wars.  

However, in the south, this holiday has long been known as
"Decoration Day,"
a time to decorate the graves of all family members. 
I can recall many years of going with my parents to 
decorate graves in the country cemetery. 

Glenn and I decorated many of our family graves earlier this week, 
both in town and in the country.  
On Sunday, as I write this, the graves of all servicemen in 
our local cemetery will have a small American Flag
on them, placed there by the American Legion Post, and many more will 
have been "decorated" with flower arrangements. 
Memorial Day weekend is a time for families from afar to come
back to their Old Kentucky Home. 

I have to wonder if this long-standing tradition will continue
after my generation is gone.  


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