Friday, July 15, 2016

Tea House 278 in Bar Harbor

Tea House 278 is located at 278 Maine Street in Bar Harbor. 
Tea is prepared by each guest using the Gaiwan method of brewing.
We each chose a different tea.
Lynn, the owner, provided a nice explanation and demonstration
of the procedure. Brief description here: 
1. Warm your Gaiwan with hot water and pour out.
2. Measure your tea.
3. Rinse the leaves.
4. Infuse the leaves by pouring the correct temperature water.
5. Pour the brewed tea through a strainer on top of the glass pitcher.
6. Serve the tea.
7. Reinfuse the leaves as you wish for multiple infusions. .

Lynn had an assortment of delicious gluten free cookies and brownies on the menu.
We chose one of each and split them, then the guys chose one of each of their favorites. 
There were other items on the menu, but we had just eaten lunch at a Lobster Pound.

I loved the calming atmosphere of the tea house and the garden. 


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