Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Travel to Mackinac Island

Our travels on Friday, September 16 took us to our overnight destination, in Mackinaw City, MI. 
Saturday morning we boarded the Mackinac Island Shepler's Ferry. 
As an added bonus, at no extra cost, we were on the Mighty Mac Cruise, an extended
6 minute ride under the bridge described below.  

"The Mackinac Bridge is the one of the world's most beautiful bridges and the longest suspension bridge in the Americas, with a total length of 8,614 feet suspended. It is currently the third longest suspension bridge in the world
Much of the beauty comes from the setting at the Straits of Mackinac. The Straits link Lake Michigan and Lake Huron. The 5 mile long Mackinac Bridge (Big Mac) links Michigan's Lower and Upper peninsulas.
Ground was broken to build the Mackinac Bridge on May 7, 1954 and the bridge opened to the public (and the ferries were shut down) on November 1, 1957."  Source: the Internet
We could see the Grand Hotel, our overnight destination, as we approached the island.  

There is no motorized traffic on the island, instead there are many bicycles and horses. 

The ferries and the hotels have baggage handling well-organized.
We checked our bags at the ferry and the next time we saw them 
were at our hotel room door.
As you can see below, the baggage is pulled by horse and wagon.  
Glenn and I visited Mackinac and stayed several nights at
The Grand Hotel about 15 years ago.  It was the first trip for several of the ladies. 
Most of the ladies in our group took a horse-drawn island tour. Three of stayed 
back and  shopped before making our on ways to the hotel. 
As I walked along the Main Street shops, I approached the Seabiscuit Cafe. 
 I asked the lady  standing outside the doorif they had anything gluten free on the menu. 
She said they had Gluten Free buns.  Yipee! 
Except for the afternoon tea at the Royal Park Hotel on Thursday, I had found
very little gluten free to eat for breakfasts and dinners. 
 The cafe was decorated in with horse decor and memorabilia
about the 1930's thoroughbred, Seabiscuit.  
The movie Seabiscuit shows continuously on TVs. 
Much of the movie was filmed at Keeneland Race Track in Lexington, KY.
I felt like I was in my ole' Kentucky home!  
I considered ordering the Triple Crown Burger, but ordered the classic burger. 
It was so delicious!  I rarely have an opportunity to eat a good burger 
on a gluten free bun in a restaurant.  It was delicious!
I was full and satisfied, and a very happy tea lady when I departed
the Seabiscuit Cafe.  (Yes, iced tea was my beverage of choice for the meal.)
I walked to Market Street and continued my shopping, then 
walked up the hill to The Grand Hotel. 
These signs are along the approach to the hotel.

The broad front porch of the hotel is amazing.
Above: The Grand Hotel guest transportation
The view of the lake from the hotel is beautiful.
Nancy, my roommate on this trip in the photo below.

More fun to come in future posts. 


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