Friday, October 7, 2016

The Great Saltpetre Cave

The Great Saltpetre Cave in Rockcastle County, KY
is a place I have known all my life.  
Both my parents were born and raised in Rockcastle County.
The first family member in my mother's family settled on land very near the cave in 1795.
The family owned the "home place" until my grandmother sold it late in life.
The cave and property surrounding it, Great Saltpetre Preserve,
is currently owned by the Rockcastle Karst Conservancy (RKC).
This event was a fund raiser, "Dinner in the Mountain" with dinner and entertainment
inside the "Echo Auditorium of the Great Saltpetre Cave"
Melissa was only about three years old when we had a family reunion at the cave.

The RKC has made a lot of improvements to the cave including lighting,
cleaning out the main pathway, and an educational display
explaining that the cave was a significant source
of saltpeter for gunpowder during the War of 1812, and that in the 1930's
the Echo Chamber was used for a radio broadcast of live music for Renfro Valley.

This was Kaitlyn and Peyton's first visit to the cave.
After dinner entertainment was by the Johnson Sisters and the Penny Loafers.
In the photo below, they combined for the final two songs of the evening. 
This is not a good photo, because a light was shining brightly on us,
but, in addition to our family, Mary and Lana joined us for this special event.
Making memories with the family! 

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