Monday, January 2, 2017

Busy Family December

Christmas night at Hilton Head Island, SC
We were so ready for a relaxing break after a very busy December.
Austin's high school senior year has been hectic thus far.
Vocal and theater auditions at Transy in Lexington.
December choir and band concerts, homework, finals,
daily phone calls, emails and mail from colleges and universities.
And, last but not least, the building of Melissa, Tim and Peyton's
new house, just a short walk from us.
The #1 daughter is moving back to Berea after 21 years! 
We look forward to a fun and exciting 2017.


martea said...

What a wonderful year! Thrilled for you that Melissa and her family are building near you. I have a feeling Peyton will make sure you don't have any dull moments once Austin leaves for college:*) Happy for all of you.

Joy said...

How exciting to have your daughter and family moving so close to you! (I wish mine would do that.) I remember the busy-ness of having a senior in high school, it's wonderful that you could all have a holiday break.

Marilyn Miller said...

You will love having daughter #1 nearby. Where is daughter #2?


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