Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Need Help Organizing Tea Books

This book shelf in my office holds many, but not all,
of my tea books.  Recipe books from various tea rooms,
tea party planners, children's tea-themed books much more!
My first book about tea was
"If Teacups Could Talk" by Emilie Barnes
I have three on my shelf, the duplicates were gifts.
It is time to organize. 
I can begin by giving away several different duplicates books.
I did that a few years ago through giveaways on the blog.
You may see a few book giveaways soon, and will know why.
I am open to suggestions for tea book organization, please.
And, what are your absolute favorite tea books?


Latane Barton said...

I am impressed with your collection of tea books, Linda. Organize them? Why? I like a little disorganization to keep life interesting.

Ruth W said...

What a great collection! Mine is about 1/2 that...but they do multiply! I just found a duplicate too that will be a giveaway. January always seems to promote organizing, doesn't it?

Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest said...

I think that is one amazingly impressive collection of tea-related books, Linda! I am not sure I would mess with them - but giving excess/duplicates to friends,etc., is a great idea!

You could always have a few places laying them flat down in a shorter pile and put a pretty solid white teapot on top for some visual interest.

Happy reading - I have a small collection of tea book that I keep in a basket in my guest room closet for when my tea society friends spend the night. I get in the mood to read them every so often - such a fun thing to do while sipping on a nice hot cuppa!

"If Teacups Could Talk" was my first one, too. Followed by all of Sandy Clough books. ♥♥♥

Hopeyour new year is going well so far. Hugs!

Joy said...

Organization...different minds work in different ways. If I were going to organize them on the shelves, I'd do it alphabetically by author. But then if I were looking for a certain title, I'd have to remember the author. So maybe alphabetically by title? However, that's what would work for me (not that my books are organized at all) but it might not work for you. However, that's a wonderful collection of tea books!

Marilyn Miller said...

The first tea book that was recommended to me was James Norwood Pratt's. I still have it and treasure it even more since now I know the man.

Angela McRae said...

Oh, bless you. I need to do this too. In fact, I've been giving away (or taking to Goodwill) some of the tea books that weren't favorites, simply because books are threatening to take over my house! If I could keep only one tea book, I think it would be "If Teacups Could Talk" because it was Emilie Barnes who greatly influenced my love of teatime. Other favorites are "Tea Time at the Inn" (probably cooked more recipes out of that one that anything), all the books by Jane Pettigrew (especially love "A Social History of Tea"), my (British) National Trust cookbook ... and my spiral-bound tearoom cookbooks from any tearoom I've personally visited!


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