Monday, January 23, 2017

Question: Teabag Brewing at a Restaurant

Often when I order "hot tea" in a restaurant, I am disappointed 
in the quality and service.
My disappointment is usually due to: 
1. the incorrect temperature of the water (not hot enough)
2. the quality of the tea (bag/dust and fannings)
The "hot tea" above was served at our family favorite
breakfast cafe in Lexington, Wild Eggs.
The tea is by Novus® "Handcrafted by the Bigelow family" 
and is an individually wrapped "full leaf" tea in a sachet. 

Everyone who regularly reads my blog will not be surprised to 
see my tea of choice on this occasion was a traditional English Breakfast,
 a Ceylon (black) tea from Sri Lanka. 

So, now I have a question, perhaps a survey of sorts: 
When you order "hot tea" in a restaurant and a small 
pot of hot water and an empty cup or mug are brought to your table --  
do you put the tea bag or sachet in the pot first or the cup first to brew your tea? 

>And, yes, I know it it not always brought to the table this way. 
Sometimes it is a mug or cup of hot-ish water with a tea bag beside it.<

So let's have a little discussion on restaurant service of "hot tea." 


racheld said...

Bag into pot for a nice little get-acquainted while the food arrives, for even the thinnest restaurant cup has a chilling to it that drops the temp and hinders the brew.

Linda Jennings said...

Comment From Nancy C. via email

I wanted to reply to your blog question, but I'm not on any of the sites listed so it wouldn't let me sign in there.

To answer your question.....if I'm in a restaurant and they bring me a cup and a pot and only the pot has water, then I put the bag in there. If they bring me a cup and a pot and both have water, I make tea in the cup first, then transfer the bag to the pot to steep a bit while I eat.

If they bring me a cup and a tea bag and it's one of the really cheap teas(my son...who is also a tea lover.... calls them "floor sweepings") then I quietly reach into my purse and get out the little tin I carry there and take out one of my own tea bags and use that instead.

It's kind of sad that a lot of restaurants that serve wonderful food and expensive brand coffees end up using the cheapest teas.

Oh...before I forget.... this past summer, I won one of the sets of tea pot salt and pepper shakers that you gave away.. just wanted to let you know that I have them on the shelf with some of my tea pots and really enjoy looking at them. :>)

Nancy from northeast Iowa

Frances Lamparter said...

I put the teabag in the cup first, then in the pot to brew. I also carry my own teabags in case they don't have Darjeeling!

Joy said...

I put it into the little pot because I figure the water will be hotter there. I do know one or two restaurants that serve it this way.

Rosemary said...

My preference is to put the teabag into the pot. That way, the tea is steeped in a proportional amount of water rather than in a smaller amount of water in the cup. And, rather than trying to squeeze a second steeping from the teabag, it is fully steeped the first time in the pot. Hope that makes sense!

Marilyn Miller said...

Yes, my preference would be in the pot. A teabag makes such strong tea in my opinion, that in the pot works best.


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