Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Fruit Gelees on the Afternoon Tea Menu

 These are photos of our delightful 2013 Afternoon Tea dessert tray at
The Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City.
The gelees, made by their pastry chef, are gluten free and delicious. 

I was pleased to find similar Fruit Jellies at Trader Joe's recently. 
 Trader Joe's Fruit Jellies are a Gluten Free treat I will gladly serve 
on a dessert tray at my next afternoon tea. 
There are several recipes online if you would rather make your own. 
I am all about simplification these days.  


Bernideen said...

What a clever addition to the tea experience!

Gustavo Woltmann said...

A very cool Friendship Tea. Thank you for sharing.

- Gustavo Woltmann

Joy said...

Yum - what a great idea to add to a tea tray. Trader Joe's would be fine with me, no need to make my own when they do a good job! Enjoy.

Angela McRae said...

Haven't been to a Trader Joe's lately, but this certainly makes me want to go check them out!

Marilyn Miller said...

Oh I do love gelee's for tea time sweets. I keep thinking about making them, but Trader Joe's sounds like a very good idea.


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