Thursday, February 16, 2017

My Mother's Dinnerware

 This is my mother's Noritake Dinnerware, 
pattern #5201 from Japan, Circa 1951 - 1961.  
The dishes are white with a gray and tan border and rose swags. 
This set of dinnerware was my mother's pride and joy. 
She was raised on a small farm in Appalachia (southeastern Kentucky).  
The youngest of six children, her father died when she was twelve years old. 
I remember when she proudly collected these dishes
 a few at a time from a local grocery store in the 1950s.
They are currently displayed in one of my cherry corner hutches in her memory. 
A thank you to Bernideen at Bernideen's Tea Time Blog.
I love the way Bernideen displaysher glass cake stands with teapots, 
so I took several of mine out of a storage closet and put them in the 
corner hutch to better display my mother's dinnerware. 
I enjoy learning from tea friends and bloggers!  


Miss Merry said...

So lovely. My good china came from a bank who gave you a place setting with a certain deposit. My great aunt and I collected the whole set before my wedding. Wonderful memories.

racheld said...

Oh, the joys of those fifties give-aways and store promotions. The big display of china or glassware would go on display, and we'd delightedly plan on the dinners and parties we'd have with all those pretty dishes. Only one piece went on sale per week, I think, and I don't know if you could buy just one of those, but I suppose you could get the whole set of eight cups if you had the two dollars to spend.

And in the seventies, the big draw was those heavy Arcor-type clear everything from dinner plates to liqueur glasses, with various footed bowls and pitchers to add to the display. I think I had at least one of every single piece, and remember so well that we did the very innovative thing of using the sherbets and the various goblets amongst lots of greenery and berries for my Sis' Christmas wedding buffet.

The story of all the glasses and dishes so eagerly awaited in the DUZ boxes and at the "filling stations" is a story for another time.

So glad to see you have this lovely treasure---I have three sets of Mother's china, and it's a nice thing to have such memories of lovely occasions.


racheld said...

PS I neglected to say that all those big heavy goblets and sherbets (some upside down---very avant garde for the time) held red votives. I felt like yet-unheard-of Martha Stewart having all those lovely pieces to decorate with.

Joy said...

Linda, that china is lovely and I know it is extra-special to you because of the memories it holds. I like the way the glass cake stands add to the display possibilities.

Winifred said...

That is so lovely and it's also lovely that you have kept it on display in her memory.

I used to buy a few pieces of my Wedgewood Blue Willow dinner service at a time. It's not china but it was expensive for me to buy when you're young. I get the feeling mine will end up on eBay not on display in my daughter's house! Just not her taste.

Two Cottages And Tea said...

Your mother's china is so pretty with the dainty flowers! I am so glad you treasure it. They make a lovely display in your china cabinet! I have two sets of my mom's. One the American Rose at the farm and the other a blue onion pattern she bought at Woolworths many years ago, I keep here at home. You may have seen these on my blog. I hope you are seeing signs os spring in your beautiful area! We have lots of snow here!

relevanttealeaf said...

Lovely china and displayed so nicely in your beautiful china cabinet. My mother gave
her favorite set of china [Lily of the Valley] to my daughter, and put her other
sets in her living-estate sale when they moved to my side of the state.

Marilyn Miller said...

The display is just lovely. I have a Noritake set from close to that era. No one in the family wants it though; so it sit in my china cupboard and comes out once or twice a year.

Bernideen said...

Why thank you very much for the compliment. You know, little short ones that are small are really awesome too for displaying teapots and giving a nice elevation. Of course - I like every size!


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