Monday, February 6, 2017

The Queen's Sapphire Jubilee

Queen Elizabeth II became the first British monarch to 
reign 65 years on Monday, February 6.  The jewelry she is wearing in this photo,
a 1947 wedding gift from her father, King George VI
is perfect for celebrating the Sapphire Jubilee.
There will be a variety of celebrations around Britain. 

Austin, Glenn and I were in England during the queen's Golden Jubilee in 2002.
Austin celebrated his third birthday during that trip, his first to England. 
I purchased a commemorative Golden Jubilee teapot to remember that special trip. 
I used the teapot as a centerpiece for a decorated table at the 2008 
Berea Health Ministry afternoon tea fundraiser.  
My table was titled The Queen's Golden Jubilee. 
A few photos below: 
I used my Royal Worcester china purchased in 1998 at the factory. 

This was the most fun themed tea table I've ever decorated!  
I wonder what commemorative Sapphire Jubilee items might be available?  


relevanttealeaf said...

The Queen is such a remarkable lady. I'm so glad she's recovered from the cold that kept her in for several days over the holidays, and able to enjoy this milestone. Long live the Queen!

Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest said...

Hi Linda - oh my, I had no idea she's already celebrating another Jubilee! WOW- isn't she amazing? And she is still beautiful, isn't she? That necklace is a stunner, too.

I remember that table you shared for the Golden Jubilee - my gosh it seems like yesterday.
You did a GREAT job with it.

It will be fun to see if you do one for this latest one, too one day! : - )

Come visit, just posted a teacup giveaway.

Joy said...

I'm amazed and delighted that the Queen is celebrating another Jubilee. Your Golden Jubilee table is just lovely, and I would expect there will be quite a few Sapphire Jubilee commemorative items sold - if only we were in England to purchase them!

Winifred said...

It's been low key here in the UK, no big celebrations & no royal engagements.

The only souvenirs seem to be here but not a lot of china. x

Sadly most souvenirs seem to be from the Royal Mint!

She is an amazing lady, never meant to be queen but she has been a wonderful monarch. Sadly we'll never see her like again.

Ruth W said...

I did a post in her honour as well. Such an amazimg lady! Love your teapot. Isn't her Sapphire Jubilee portrait wonderful?!

Marilyn Miller said...

I bet there will be Sapphire teacups and all kind of memorabilia available.

Rosemary said...

At Sweet Remembrances, we're celebrating the Queen's Sapphire Jubilee in June when we also celebrate her birthday. What a milestone! Wish I had your royal collection to use as decor!

Angela McRae said...

Oh, I love that royal wave! Awesome!


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