Monday, March 20, 2017

An Amazing Surprise Teatime Gift

I received the most thoughtful surprise gift in the mail from blog reader, Nancy in IA. 
I love this quilted table runner! 
 It fits perfectly on Aunt Ida's cherry table (here), on the square cherry tea table Glenn 
made, and on two of my tea carts.   
Nancy's work on this beautiful quilted piece of art is perfect for me!

I live in a state full of quilters, my mother, my Aunt Mary and my grandmother 
were quilters.  I am not a quilter.  I have never tried, and at this point in my life, 
I don't expect to begin quilting. 
This makes Nancy's gift even more special! 
Thank you Nancy!  


Bernideen said...

What a labor of love - amazing!

Joy said...

Oh, I love that fabric! What a special gift - perfect for you!

relevanttealeaf said...

The quilted table runner is lovely! What a nice surprise, from a very thoughtful reader.

racheld said...

What a sumptuously lovely surprise! I love quilters, as well, though I've sewn perhaps twelve stitches at a quilting frame. Only my Dad's Mother was a quilter, and then only at the two daughters' houses, for she spent exactly a quarter of the year with each of her four children and their families. We were always Spring into Summer, so most of our sewing activities were around embroidery and crochet (not I---I could get those first few rows made around the center, and after that---BARBIE HATS!) So they gave up on me and I was the dinner-cooker and the snack-and-iced-tea bringer and yarn-untangler as my mother and she stitched along to their "Stow-ries" on the chic ivory Stromberg Carlson radio.

There was a quilting frame in the ceiling of the "spare room" in the first little house we lived in when I was first married. It fascinated me, but the lovely woman who'd used it for so long was already passed away by then.

This is a lovely gift---and to have it fit so many of your tea spaces---she certainly "has your measure," as they say. Enjoy you beautiful present---you charm and entertain so many people with your blog, you deserve wonderful thanks.


Rosemary said...

Such a very thoughtful gift - a true labor of love. It looks beautiful in your home - I know you will treasure it always.

Marilyn Miller said...

What a wonderful, beautiful gift!

Angela McRae said...

I can truly say I know how you feel because I received one of these from Nancy myself and was absolutely thrilled! Unlike you, though, I haven't yet displayed it in a worthy enough setting to feature on my blog, ha! (But soon!)


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