Friday, April 21, 2017

London at Night - Day 3

 After spending the afternoon in Windsor, we returned to London
for the evening. What fun! 



To put our schedule in perspective:
 Day 1 - afternoon and overnight travel,
Day 2 - 11 am arrival at Heathrow with 2 long hours in line at Customs
then we hit the ground running (literally) for the afternoon of touring London.
A school group of 19 from Seattle joined our group of 17
 upon their arrival and traveled with us throughout the tour.
Day 3 - actually our 2nd day in London and Windsor
This was my 7th trip to London and England. 
And yes, I fell asleep every time the bus moved! 


Joy said...

I don't blame you for sleeping on the bus! What a busy schedule, but what fun.


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