Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Measuring Loose Leaf Tea

Do you measure your loose leaf tea? 
Or, do you weigh your tea to be able to brew the exact amount? 
Many tea drinkers just "eyeball" it and guess at how much tea to put in the pot or teacup.
Bruce Richardson told me eventually you will learn the correct size of a "pinch." 
I measure my tea in a "1 CUP OF PERFECT TEA" spoon.
these can be purchased from many different vendors and tearooms. 
This is the way I measure my loose leaf tea at home. 
When I make large quantities of tea for groups, I weigh the tea for a precise measurement.
The most tea I have made at one time is 450 cups for a fundraiser afternoon tea.  


Joy said...

I've never tried making it for a large group, but for myself, I use a measuring spoon.
I like that "perfect cup of tea" one!

racheld said...

You're far too young to remember, but I'm hearing Arthur Godfrey say, "And One for the Pot!"

Rosemary said...

yep... I measure with a spoon also.

Marilyn Miller said...

I use to sell this spoon on my website. I still enjoy my measuring spoon.

Angela McRae said...

I just eyeball it these days. Part of the reason is, I use so many different vessels (small mug, large mug, small teacup, large teacup) that I end up guessing about the amount anyway!


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