Monday, May 22, 2017

Birthday/Moving Day

 Happy Birthday, Melissa! 
Today is moving day.
The first piece of furniture has been in my tea room.
It's Aunt Ida's beautiful cherry drop-leaf kitchen table made by Uncle Lester.
It is now in Melissa, Tim, and Peyton's breakfast nook with Berea College
corn shuck woven bottoms, and Aunt Ida's dining room hanging light fixture.
The breakfast nook overlooks the Berea Country Club #2 fairway and green
where Aunt Ida hit a hole-in-one.
 The next two items moved were Aunt Ida's round pedestal table
with the pie crust top she gave to Glenn and me for our first apartment in 1972.
The lamp was Aunt Mary's from about 1975.
Melissa is as sentimental as I am. 
More family heirlooms are coming tomorrow on the moving vans,
 and I'm sure a few more will make their way from my house to the new house. 


Patsy said...

Happy Birthday Melissa!
What wonderful family treasures to get.

Angela McRae said...

Thanks for the virtual "Tour of Home Furnishings." I love that your daughter is sentimental like you! :)

Joy said...

How wonderful that your daughter appreciates these family treasures! They look lovely in her home, as they did in yours. I have a "piecrust" table like that, which was my mother's - it is one of my treasures!


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