Monday, May 8, 2017

Spring Break Day 6 - Chartres Cathedrial

 We departed our quaint hotel after the last two nights in the 
Normandy area on Thursday, April 6.  This is a family-owned and operated
24-room bed and breakfast-style hotel with 24 rooms near Dinan. 
We began our journey south toward Paris, driving through farmland
enjoying the scenery long the way.
We passed many fields of yellow rapeseed, used to make rapeseed oil.  
We arrived at Chartes, visited the cathedral and had lunch. 

This was the first place where we noticed heighten security in France, 
apparently because we were nearer to Paris. 
I waited until all four of these heavily armed police officers (or military)
escorting a police car with four more armed guards slowly walked past us
before snapping this photo of their backs. 
I assured the students who were with me, it was a good thing to know they
were taking security precautions, and told them not to be alarmed. 



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