Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Pineapple Lomon Blend

I ordered Pineapple Lemon Tea from Elmwood Inn.
The description says it is a summertime blend of black tea from Sri Lanka,
with lemon, lime and lemongrass  
I plan to try it as iced tea, but in the meantime made a pot of "hot" tea.
This is a very, very tart blend of tea.  I don't sweeten my tea,
but tried sugar in this one. With the current temperatures in 90s and high humidity here
in Kentucky, I will make the iced Pineapple Lemon brew tomorrow.



Joy said...

I will be interested to know how it is with ice, since it's a "summertime" tea. The ingredients sound delicious, I'm a little surprised at how tart it is, though.

Marilyn Miller said...

This does sound like it would be good iced. Hope so!


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