Wednesday, August 9, 2017

A New Tea Party Book

My copy of the new book from Hofffman Media's TeaTime Magazine, 
Teatime Parties Afternoon Tea to Commemorate the Milestones of Life 
arrived before we departed for travels to North Carolina and Tennessee. 
I decided not to take this pretty book with me on the road trip, 
so that I could savor it with a nice quiet cup of tea at home. 
I am always inspired by the photography, stories, tablescapes 
and recipes in the issues of TeaTime.
In addition to tea tips and resources, Teatime Parties
is exactly as the sub-title indicates, 
an afternoon tea planning guide for ten celebrations of life's milestones,
from a "baby gender reveal" to a "golden anniversary.
  My photography is not very good in these photos due to evening light, 
but the color photos in the book are vibrant and lovely.   
I appreciate all the Hoffman Media books for the convenience of having
 the TeaTime Magazine photos, ideas, and recipes organized. 
One of these days I may clean out and give away
my collection of all TeaTime Magazines like I did my copies 
of Southern Living.  I'm just not ready, yet! 
(I kept wondering what my mother and Aunt Mary would think  
if they knew about the boxes
 of treasured Southern Living Magazines departing my house.)


Joy said...

It is hard to let go of those Tea Time magazines, for sure. Enjoy the book!

Bernideen said...

Another wonderful teatime book to enjoy! I recently found a whole bunch of those Hoffman Media and Victoria books that I hadn't even noticed were not on the shelves. I go through all my Teatime magazines now and cut them up and file them. I use the color printer to copy the necessary "backside" photos so the articles are complete. I started doing this several years ago when a retirement move was impending and realized it was time to eliminate. Of course I have 3 drawers in the file cabinet that are just recipes so I'm not sure how "ahead" I am on elimination. Actually though, this way I can get my hands on just what I need and have files for every type of special tea. Every month I tear out that Gluten Free page and now this week for the first time - I will be using it as several ladies coming have Gluten issues.

Marilyn Miller said...

It is hard to give away our treasured magazines for sure. I have a large plastic bin in my basement full mostly of old Victoria Magazines. Awhile back I did give two grocery bags of some of the magazines away to a friend that was doing collage. Still I hold onto my favorites.

Rosemary said...

TeaTime Magazine just keeps coming up with new and creative ideas for books. My book shelves are brimming! So far, I've resisted purchasing this one, but will probably get it during the PA Tea Fest when Lorna is here!

Angela McRae said...

You sound like me ... I'm watching all those issues of Tea Time pile up and wondering if I should downsize the collection and stick to cookbooks. But I just can't bring myself to do it just yet!


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