Monday, January 30, 2017

My First Tea Book

 The first tea book I purchased was 
 If Teacups Could Talk by Emilie Barnes.
She spoke to a group at a church in Richmond, KY 
just north of us.  
We had the option of purchasing an autographed book in advance. 
"Happy Tea 1996 Emilie Barnes" 
Sadly, I missed attending the event, but my book was sent to me by the church.
This was the first of many Emilie Barnes tea books I have collected over the years. 
From: If Teacups Could Talk
"The relationship-enhancing properties of tea make it a wonderful 
vehicle for getting to know someone new, 
for patching up misunderstandings, 
for sharing good news or supporting one another in bad times. 
I have seen lives change over teacups.  I have seen new friendships
forged and old friendships renewed." 
 After all these years, this is still among my most favorite tea books. 
Do you have this book? 
Do you remember your first book about tea?  

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