Monday, April 3, 2017

Adagio Teas Gyokuro, a Green Tea

 I selected Adagio Teas Gyokuro, a green tea for my second Adagio Teas selection.
Description from
"Gyokuro, a shade grown steamed green tea, is among the finest of Japanese teas. While the young leaves of the spring season develop, the Gyokuro plants are shaded from sun for several weeks. This slows the growth allowing, tea leaves more time to develop depth and flavor. The sun-deprived leaves are higher in chlorophyll, which explains their vivid green color. They're also higher in amino acids, most notably L-theanine, which accounts for the perfectly smooth, rich and soft flavor. Our fine Gyokuro green tea produces a deeply sweet aroma of freshly buttered greens and seaweed, with no grassiness or harshness. Think of tender new grass just sprouting in the spring. Soft on the palate with a balanced, delicate finish. Energizing and soothing cup of tea. Use lower water temperature and enjoy multiple infusions to get the most from this tea. Product of Japan."
Steeping: 1 teaspoon per cup for 2 minutes at 170 degrees F.
Click on the photo below to see the Gyokuro tea leaves. 
For brewing Gyokuro green tea, I used a beautiful Japanese tea set
given to me by a Japanese mayor during a Sister City visit to Japan. 
We have participated in the Sister City exchange since 1993.
The set has the usual five cups and teapot. 

The infused leaves below are a lovely bright green. 

Gyokuro, which means 'jade dew', is one of Japan's most renowned and expensive teas. In the Japanese tea tradition, the texture of the tea itself is extremely important. At the end of the tea making process, the tea master will carefully blend in tiny, broken up 'tea dust' to give the finished cup more body and richness. You can actually see these particles when you scoop out your tea. You also see them in your cup - many fine Japanese greens have a lovely, slightly cloudy appearance. This contributes to the 'umami' of the tea. 
this tea contains a high level of caffeine
 Adagio Teas Gyokuro is available in loose leaf and
 This is the second opportunity I've had to conduct a tasting of Gyokuro
from two different vendors. 
This is my favorite green tea, mild, and not grassy tasting. 

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