Sunday, April 16, 2017

Spring Break 2017 London/Normandy/Paris - Days 1 & 2

 I am overwhelmed with photos from 3 phones and 2 cameras, but here goes: 
Our group of Berea Community High School students and adults 
departed LEX on Friday, March 31 for 
ATL and then overnight arriving at Heathrow on Saturday.   
I had been ill with 2 bacterial infections for nearly two weeks prior to departure, 
and didn't decide until the night before departure I would go. 
I am very thankful I was able to travel with these great folks.
It was a whirlwind educational tour (= miles of walking). 
Afternoon teas were not possible to schedule.
But, I knew that in advance. Traveling gluten free is a challenge, but all worked out. 
 We were met by our English tour director, Trevor,  and hit the ground running. 
Above: Mr. Fontenez and Ms. Flara, the BCHS sponsors. 
My first cup of tea in London.  Yes, it's in a paper cup, but
after traveling all afternoon and night on Friday, 
 finally a small salad and tea on Saturday at 2:30 p.m. London time.
It was a treat to be able to sit by the Thames River and drink a cup of English Breakfast Tea.
Carissa summed up how we were all feeling by this time on Saturday afternoon.
And, after dinner checked in at the hotel in the London area.
Below:  The tea making station in our hotel room.  


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