Friday, May 5, 2017

Saint-Malo Visit - Day 6

Glenn's first authentic French Beignet in France. 
Of course we've enjoyed them in New Orleans, LA, but
this one (and beignets at later stops) is amazing. 

Apparently every town or city in France has a carousel. 
We are in Saint-Malo, a port city in Brittany, France on the afternoon of April 5th. 
Image result for brittany france  
Our BCHS pirates are posing with the statue of pirate/privateer Robert Surcouf, 1773 - 1827.
 Known for pirates and privateers in the 19th century, Saint-Malo is 
a very historic walled city.
Austin and the others enjoyed shopping while Glenn and I found tea
at one of the many sidewalk creperies.

The discoloration is from heat lamps above the sidewalk cafe. 
The tea is Gilbert, The' noir Ceylon.
I quickly learned that The' Noir is black tea.  
Travels can't interfere with work!
Even when he was enjoying tea and a crepe. 


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