Friday, July 14, 2017

Visiting The Greenbrier

This is been a very busy summer at work for Glenn. 
No long travels for us, just a few days here and there.
We traveled 5.5 hours to the Greenbrier in
White Sulphur Springs West Virginia
I had visited once before for our 25th anniversary.
Glenn visited many times in the 1980's on business.
We wanted Austin to have The Greenbrier experience.
We arrived on Monday afternoon.  The first view of the massive hotel
when you round the bend after entering the grounds is breathtaking.
Afternoon Tea, served daily from 4:15 - 5:00 pm
is actually hot or iced tea and a round buffet table of cookies and mini pastries
It is served in the Upper Lobby surrounded with
smaller rooms with hundreds of comfortable places to sit.
On Monday, Austin and I sat in the Victoria Writing Room.

After dinner Monday, Austin and Glenn bowled two games. 
Tuesday, they went on an all day white water rafting trip on the New River.
I don't know anything about rafting, but I heard them describe it as Class 4 and 5 Rapids.
I visited the world-famous Greenbrier Spa during the morning,
and enjoyed a food preparation demonstration in the afternoon.
On Wednesday morning, we toured the Bunker, which had been a secret partnership
with the U.S. government, described as "at one time one of the nation's more guarded secrets," 
The Bunker was a "Secret Capitol" to be used by Congress and the Senate in case
of a nuclear attack.  We were not allowed to take photos, but information is on
the Greenbrier website.  The 35-year secret was exposed in 1992 by a Washington Post reporter. 
After lunch, the guys went Sporting Clay shooting, then Austin visited the Spa.
The decorations and artwork are very impressive.  
The menus and food served in the Main Dinning Room and several restaurants are outstanding.  
The service and hospitality are superb.  

 We were making memories with Austin, and I believe we succeeded!


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