Friday, February 9, 2018

Tea in America Program

I presented the program for the nearby Rockcastle DAR Chapter on Monday evening. 
I have presented this program, 
"Tea in America - Before, During and After the Revolutionary War"
several times through the years for Daughters of the American Revolution Chapters, 
including my own chapter, the Berea-Laurel Ridges Chapter. 
 I demonstrated the five loose leaf Chinese teas documented to have been 
thrown overboard into the Boston Harbor on 
December 16, 1773 by the Sons of Liberty. 

Below: I demonstrated the difference between tea bag and loose leaf hand-picked teas.
 The DAR members enjoyed the history and asked several questions
about tea. I always appreciate questions after a presentation. 
Above: I am the Regent of the Berea-Laurel Ridges Chapter
and Debra Brown is the Regent of the Rockcastle Chapter. 


Two Cottages And Tea said...

How interesting to learn the names of the tea! Thank you for sharing!

Joy said...

It is good to share your love of, and knowledge of, tea with others. I'd love to hear this presentation.

Marilyn Miller said...

I know you did a beautiful presentation. I would have loved sitting in on it.


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