Monday, April 16, 2018

Book of Afternoon Tea

The National Trust Book of Afternoon Tea 
is the latest tea book on my bookshelf.  
The back cover reads "Afternoon tea is a national pastime.  
A cup of tea with dainty sandwiches, scones and scrumptious cakes
magically makes any day special.  With over 80 classic
 and modern (English) recipes - not to mention a quirky look at 
how afternoon tea was taken in the past - this is the 
perfect guide to a quintessentially British ritual."
I began my journey with Afternoon Tea in 1993
at Elmwood Inn Fine Teas in Perryville, Kentucky, a lovely 
historic inn owned and operated at that time by Bruce and Shelley Richardson. 
My first visit to an English tea room was in the village of Broadway
in the beautiful Cotswolds area in July 1995. 

My tea journey continues.
 Unfortunately it's little slower these days, 
because I must eat gluten free for health reasons. 
Bruce, Shelley and son Ben operate a tea shop in Danville, KY
with an active online business.  
My friend Ellen's 90-something year old mother always says,
"life is about making adjustments."
I believe a lot of us can agree with that statement, 
but I still enjoy my multiple cups of tea daily. 


Angie @The Blush Bloom said...

Oh, this sounds like a lovely little book. I am sorry you cannot enjoy afternoon tea as often as you did. I hope that more tea rooms get on board with adding a few GF bites.

Joy said...

That book does sound lovely! I'm having to make some adjustments, too, as I've been advised to "limit" caffeine. That cuts down on the cups of tea but I do still enjoy some tisanes and some caffeine-free Earl Gray now and then.

Marilyn Miller said...

Glad you are still enjoying your cups of tea each day.

Angela McRae said...

This book is on my wish list. Always love to see your endorsement of a book before I purchase it. ;)


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