Thursday, July 26, 2018

Westport Cupan Tae Tearoom

We arrived in Westport in the late afternoon.
As the bus drove through town to The Wyatt Hotel, 
I spotted the Cupan Tae Tearoom.
Glenn, Austin and I quickly walked there.
To our delight, they were still open with a limited dessert menu.
There are two of these tearooms in Ireland.  
We found the other one later in the trip.

This is a traditional tearoom with a modern twist. 

I keep saying, if you are gluten free, Ireland is the best place in the world to travel!
This is polenta cake. 

I love the way they bring the tea timer to the table to know
when your pot of tea is ready to drink 

Glenn had Coffee and Cream Cake, very different from American coffee cake,
this cake is flavored with coffee and served with a hefty portion of clotted cream. 

The various teas on the menu are stored in metal canisters, 
and small bags are available for sale. 

 A little tea education below:

Below:  Is there really resident mouse with it's own tea room?
Or perhaps it belongs to an Irish fairy? 

Oh how I love to visit small traditional tearooms.
I am so fortunate my guys enjoy it too.


Joy said...

This one looks like a really fun place! (as well as delicious). I love the tiny tea table by the mouse hole. What a nice touch of whimsy!

Marilyn Miller said...

What a fun find along your travels! And I love the place for the mouse to have tea too.

Rosemary said...

This looks like a special place! Love the little fairy tea set up! (I'm going with fairy instead of mouse!)

Winifred said...

What a delightful place to visit. The china is lovely & the cake looks good.

I'm not a tea drinker but I have friends who complain about how often tea is badly served here in England. They give them a cup of hot water with a tea bag on the saucer. I don't drink it but I know how to make it.

Me? I complain about the coffee if it's not a flat white or a cappuccino I'm not having any.

Enjoy Ireland. It's probably having the heatwave we have had too.


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