Thursday, August 2, 2018

Killary Sheep Farm

Sheep farms can be on any terrain in Ireland.
Meet Roy, the sheep dog, in the photo below. 
It takes three years to train a dog for the job.
It's difficult to tell in the photo, but these sheep were about
four fields over from where we were.  
With two commands and whistles, Roy followed directions
and rounded up the sheep from two different fields.

 And chased them through the fields and rock fences, 

 to the pen for a shearing demonstration.

 Several in our group had the opportunity to help.
Next, we walked and walked along a gravel path
 to the bog, below. The bog is an area of wet, spongy, ground
composed of moss and peat.  It is dug up and laid out to dry to 
use to burn for fuel. 
 Several in our group gave it a try. 
 Upon arrival at the sheep farm, we changed out of our shoes into
Wellington boots "wellies."  It's a good thing we were able to protect
our shoes, but the long walk in gravel and larger rocks with no
protection on my feet.
I took the photo below, when I realized it had be many years since I had played in a creek.
Strange thoughts occur when you are in the middle of nowhere. :-)
And, the last activity was to feed the cute babies.


Joy said...

Many new experiences on this trip! Shearing sheep and digging up the bog must be two of the more unusual ones.

Marilyn Miller said...

Now this is fun. I love watching sheep herding dogs. They are amazing. And playing it the water in your wellies, I would love that.


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