Thursday, April 19, 2018

A Late Birthday Afternoon Tea

 Afternoon Tea today for my March birthday. 
We are just a little late celebrating :-)  
Left to right:  Melissa, Kaitlyn (granddaughter) and my life-long friend Patty.
We are at Four Sisters Soap and Tea Emporium in Richmond, KY.
Melissa and I were thrilled to learn they could provide gluten free afternoon tea!

The gluten free scones were a light texture orange favored served with lemon curd. 
Gluten free sandwiches above were:
Pimento cheese with a thin slice of ham
Veggie wrap
Artichoke spread
Desserts were:
Chocolate Cookies
 Below is Patty's "non-gluten free" tea. 
Everything was delicious, and we enjoyed visiting! 
We could choose one pot of tea for the table.
I chose Earl Grey Moonlight, an Adagio tea.
From the Adagio website:
This tea is described as an Earl Grey cream blend.
"Comforting flavors of vanilla and cream combine to soften
the citrus notes of traditional Earl Grey."
We drank two large pots. *wink*

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