Saturday, October 27, 2018

Catching-up on September and October Family Activities

I have been absent from blogging partially due to life's circumstances and
I've not had tea related news. 
So to catch-up...
Austin met Glenn and I at lunch in Lexington and asked permission/told us
he is applying to study in Germany March - July. (yikes!)
(Note: He was accepted)
I believe I see a trip to Germany in the works for Glenn and me during that time.
 Grandpa and Peyton have been moving the fish in the front pond at
the farm to the back pond.  The back two ponds have been reworked
and ready for the fish due to the massive amount of rain here during September.
Glenn had the front pond stocked with tiny fish five years ago.  Obviously, they have grown!
Also note:  Grandpa has been spending a lot of time on the farm since
his September 21st retirement.  We are all "adjusting" to his retirement.
September was a big month for Kaitlyn because she go braces,
and her application was approved to attend Morehead State University next fall.
Glenn's sister Margaret and her husband, Pat, visited from Albuquerque
 the first week of October, hoping to see fall colors in Kentucky. Instead,
after the massive September spring-like rains and abundant sunshine,
 our azaleas were blooming!
Eighth grade night was celebrated with a soccer win!
Above: Peyton with Melissa and Tim

 A couple of nights in Pigeon Forge, TN for fall break with these two.
They still enjoy go-carts and big breakfasts at the Old Mill.
Melissa and family were off on their own fall break adventures.
To see what she's been up to check her out at
She attended a bloggers conference and "drug along" Peyton and Tim.

Kaitlyn and I enjoyed shopping and lunch out.
 And, of course, I have been very busy with the local and state
Daughters of the American Revolution.


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